***Important – Please Read this orientation before beginning your application***

Thank you for considering co-operative living, an alternative life-style which is different than merely renting. Formed in 1982, the Woodland Park Housing Co-op was the first of its kind in the Kootenays.  It is on seven acres of wooded parkland and is an ideal place for families, with or without children, to live. The convenient south Castlegar location is close to shopping and major service facilities including supermarkets, banks, and a postal outlet.  There is a fully equipped playground for the children on the grounds.

Woodland Park Housing Co-Operative is a member-oriented housing project which offers members a chance to be involved in its management.  In applying, please consider that you are not simply moving into a rental unit but rather you are becoming a shareholding member with certain rights and obligations.


  • To participate in forming a great community through committee membership and participation, general meeting attendance and voting, caring for your community, unit and surrounding Co-op lands and by being a good neighbor.                                               


  • To attend general meetings.
  • To become a member of a Co-Op committee, such as the Board of Directors, or other committees that are in place at the time. 
  •  To assist in general clean-up and special projects of the Co-Op, as designated by the Maintenance Committee or the Board of Directors


  • New members will be required to sign a 2 year lease. A contract will be signed upon application approval.  
  • As of May 2016 members are required to purchase shares in the full amount of $1,500.00, to be paid as follows:  $750.00 down before moving in, and the remaining $750.00 in installments of $50.00 per month until paid in full. 
    • Once the first $750.00 is paid, the member will have full voting rights. 
    • These share are held by the Co-Op, interest free, until the member vacates the premises, at which time it will be fully reimbursed except for amounts owing to the Co-Op for such items as arrears, penalties, damages, etc..  
  • Associate Membership:  A co-habitant (spouse, common-law, or adult room-mate) may also have the right to vote if they become an Associate Member. Associate membership can be obtained by purchasing 1 share (current cost $15.00).

Unit Information:  The Co-Op consists of ten town-houses with four 3-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom units in each building.  All units are two-storey, with bedrooms and bathroom located on the upper level, kitchen, dining and living room on the main floor, and a full basement underground.  No bedrooms are allowed in the basement due to fire regulations.  

Insurance:  All Co-op members are required to have valid tenant insurance to cover both contents and liability. 

Financial Qualification: In order to become a member of Woodland Park Housing Co-operative, applicant must be able to show the following minimum gross monthly income (Excluding Canada Child Benefit or other non-taxable benefits):

  • $2,700 when applying for a 2 bedroom unit,
  • $2,750 when applying for a 3 bedroom unit. 

Housing Charges (Rent):  Full market prices for housing are as follows:

                                                                                    3-bedroom town-house                 $747.00 per month

                                                                                    2-bedroom town-house                 $669.00 per month

Collection dates for housing charges are on the first business day of the current month.  Housing charges can be dropped off from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on these nights.  Members must pay their housing charges on time.

Appliances: The Co-Op units come unfurnished and units are not equipped with washers and dryers.  Units come equipped with fridges and stoves which must be taken with the unit. 

Utilities:  The members are responsible to pay their own electricity, gas, telephone, internet and T.V cable.

Pet Policy:  Only one spayed or neutered cat or small dog per unit is allowed and must be approved and registered with the Co-Op Pet Committee before bringing the animal into the Co-Op.

Parking Facilities:   Designated parking is provided for one vehicle in front of your unit.  A second vehicle can be parked behind the unit in the back lane where space permits.

Please Note:  There is an non-refundable interview fee of $40.00 (plus the cost of a credit check).


*Disclaimer: While we strive to keep the information on our website up to date at all times we do occasionally miss things. Therefore the charges as listed on this site may not always be accurate. You should always confirm charges when setting up your interview. 

Updated 19-08-06



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